The IRCO Medal is awarded for outstanding services to the cause of International Rubber Conferences worldwide.

The recipient should be a personality of exceptional merit in the rubber community and with a recognised record in one or more fields of activity related to the rubber industry, research or education. He/she should have made distinguished contributions to IRCO conferences as an organiser, as chairman of conferences or symposia or as a presenter.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations should be sent to the Secretary-General at least three months in advance of an IRC. A nomination must be accompanied by a citation, giving the case for the nomination and should also include a CV and full background information in respect of the nominee. The contribution made to the IRCO must be particularly stressed.

The decision on the recipient of the IRCO Medal is made by a vote of the members of the IRCO Committee meeting in full session.

The awards ceremony shall normally take place at the next International Rubber Conference.

Travel/accommodation costs of recipient

It is expected that the recipient’s company or society will normally fund the travel costs associated with receiving the medal. Neither the IRCO, nor the host organisation, is able to cover these costs.

Past Recipients
2018 Professor L Zhang China
2017 Mr J Long USA
2014 Dr W Waddell USA
2013 Mr A Hammond Australia
2009 Professor T Nishi Japan
2007 Professor Y Morozov Russia
2006 Professor J Noordermeer Netherlands
2000 Dr M Gerspacher USA
1998 Dr N Yamazaki Japan
1997 Mr N Levin Sweden
1996 Mr D Gorman USA
1995 Professor J Donnet France
1994 Dr J Buist UK